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Mythical Beast CerberusRiryokuShard of GreedShard of GreedTwisterTwister
Shooting Star Bow - CealBook of Secret ArtsBook of Secret ArtsStop DefenseAbyssal DesignatorAbyssal Designator
Murmur of the ForestBlue MedicineMooyan CurryMooyan CurryYamiEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin--------

Possible skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
[Sorcery Conduit]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Spellcaster-Type monster.
[Draw Sense: Low Level]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, istead of doing a normal draw, draw a level 1-4 monster card.
Weevil Underwood
[Draw Sense: LIGHT]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. In the Draw Phase, istead of doing a normal draw, draw a random LIGHT-attribute monster.
*Draw Sense: LIGHT and Draw Sense: Low-Level can both be random drops from other Legendary Duelists. (LDs)

How to use this deck


  • To increase the ATK of Mythical Beast Cerberus to over 10,000 attack.
  • To decrease your Life Points to below 1000 or 100 whenever possible.
  • To deal more than 10,000 damage when you have 0 cards left.
  • To get 5000 - 8000 score. Improve your score by using glossy and prismatic cards for additional assessment points.

1. Receive an attack to get Cerberus

To get Mythical Beast Cerberus from your deck, use either "Sorcery Conduit" or "Draw Sense: Low-Level". Both skills are similar and they require you to receive at least 1800 points. You can use cards like Enchanted Javelin for some protection. After taking 1800 damage, a button will show up during your draw phase if you want to use it.

Some Legendary Duelists often start with monsters that won't deal 1800 or more damage, if you have cards that can reduce your LP like Abyssal Designator on your first turn, you can use it to ensure that you can activate the skill next turn.

  • Even if you have Cerberus in your starting hand, take the first hit if you want to adjust your Life Points to 100 to get the "LP on the Brink" assessment. Unless you use cards that can take you to 100 LP from 4000.
  • Recover your LP if you think you will take damage more than your current LP, use a Blue Medicine or any other healing card. The damage you take will still count towards the required damage for the skill to activate.

2. Grow Cerberus & make your Life Points 100

Place Spell counters on Mythical Beast Cerberus by activating Spell cards, and adjust your Life Points to 100.

The combination

You can get your LP from 4000 to 100 by using Blue Medicine, Mooyan Curry to get 4600 LP. Then 3 cards that reduce your LP by 1000 and then Autonomous Action Unit, or 4 cards that reduce your LP by 1000 and use a Twister.

Use Enchanted Javelin to maintain 4000 LP and still be able to activate skill to draw a Cerberus.

  • Keep equip spells in your hand until you summon the Cerberus. You cannot activate Spell cards if your three spell zones are filled, but you can use a Gravity Axe - Grarl early to lock your opponents in defense position.
  • If your opponent has cards that can inflict effect damage to your Life Points, don't lower your LP early in the duel. Instead, use it on your last turn when you are left with 0 cards in your deck.
  • Combo
    By using Murmur of the Forest, you can re-use a field spell so you can activate it again for another counter to Cerberus. Alternatively, you can use Sword of Deep-Seated and twister it to re-use the effect.

3. Dealing the damage

When you have 0 cards left in your deck, and used up all your spells, you can attack your opponent by using Stop Defense on one of your opponent's defense card and then use Riryoku to increase Cerberus even further. Afterwards, equip Shooting Star Bow - Ceal on to that reduced monster's attack. If you used your stop defense earlier, then you can equip the Ceal bow to your Cerberus to be able to direct attack.

Essential cards

CardRating explanation
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Mythical Beast Cerberus
This deck cannot be built without this monster card.
*Note: It is fine to farm with this Cerberus deck using 1 Cerberus. However, with sufficient testing, it is more consistent to have 2 cerberus in the deck.

Other useful cards

Can be replaced with any other field spell card. Murmur of the Forest allows you to use a field spell twice, giving you more spell counters.
Mooyan Curry
Mooyan Curry
This card, Timidity, Blue Medicine, and Abyssal Designator can be replaced with any spell card unless you aim to get "LP on the Brink" duel assessment.
Black Pendant
Black Pendant
Use any equip spell that can increase your attack by 500. Gravity Axe - Grarl can be helpful to lock their position, or Wonder Wand for a cheap alternative.
Seal of the Ancients
Seal of the Ancients
Can be a great alternative to Abyssal Designator to see your opponent's set cards and deal with them accordingly.
Hieroglyph Lithograph
Hieroglyph Lithograph
Lowers your LP and allows you to hold more cards so you can pass turns and use multiple cards easier.
That Wacky Magic!
That Wacky Magic!
Use Dark-Piercing Light and this card to clear your opponent's monsters to deal direct attack..

Performance against Legendary Duelists

High Score Cerberus deck can be used to farm most of the LDs, but there are some noteworthy things that you might need to remember when going against specific LDs.

Ones with a score of 1 means that you can't use a Cerberus deck against them.

Yami Yugi
5 5000 - 8000 score can be achieved easily.
Seto Kaiba
  • Kaiba uses Enemy Controller to make the battle position of your Cerberus Defense.
  • Kaiba will use D.D. Warrior to banish your Cerberus if it does not have enough ATK to finish Kaiba's LP.
Joey Wheeler
3You need to deal with Time Wizard by using Abyssal Designator, Eatgaboon or House of Adhesive Tape.
Tea Gardner
4Bring Shard of Greeds to keep up with her draws. Don't use Stop Defense on a potential Skelengel when she's out of cards.
Mai Valentain
4Either bring 2 Stop Defense or use Shooting Star Bow - Ceal, don't lower your LP early in the duel since she has Amazoness Archer.
Weevil Underwood
55000 - 8000 score can be achieved easily.
Rex Raptor
55000 - 8000 score can be achieved easily.
Mako Tsunami
2Mako's Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 can attack directly while 'Umi' is present on the field. Need to bring Twister against him.
Bandit Keith
1Keith uses monsters, such as Barrel Dragon and Twin-Barrel Dragon that have an effect to destroy your Cerberus.
Ishizu Ishtar
1Ishizu uses Gravekeeper's Assailant to change the battle position of your Cerberus to defense as long as Necrovalley or Gravekeeper's Priestess is face-up on the field.
5Bring more defensive traps to avoid getting hit by Decayed Commander.
2He attacks your Life Points directly with Toon monsters as long as Toon World is face-up on the field. Twister can be used in this situation.


Hot New Top
Does this work for kalin?
RIP farming deck
I can't seem to win with this deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is mainly for farming, not dueling. If you are having trouble farming, there are other farming deck options.
how about mokuba??
<< Anonymous
Instagram : Shaqpane Reply
Release Restraint Wave, thx me later
Does this work againts Marik and Bakura?
Gem Master
Ancient telescope makes a good filler card if your deck doesn't quite hit the 20 card minimum.
I don't quite understand why people don't use Mage Power on this deck. I run 2 x Mage Power on mine (I would run 3 but I need one spell/trap free for my prismatic Anti Magic Arrows) and Cerberus gets to ~12000 ATK easily, leaving place for traps, monsters, or to play spells without Cerberus on the field, maybe to counter the opposition. Am I missing something or is Mage Power underappreciated?
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
No, it's just that Mage Power is a relatively new card. The Cerberus farming deck is really old, and usually abandoned for something more consistent.
Cerb. High score farm(Cerb.+Vass+4xUA)
<< Anonymous(dAK0)
Helpful Troll Reply
4x? Are you talking about Magic: The Gathering?
<< Anonymous(dAK0)
cringe Reply
Uggh, don't mention that game.
does this work on Chazz and Alexis??
<< Anonymous
Despacito 2 Reply
yes it does
I ate a Tide Pod
wasting my keys trying to get deckout with these cards but they can just 🔥 cerberus
<< Anonymous(I ate a Tide Pod)
Anonymous Reply
Yo must place cerberus and right there increase his attack, as long as the attack of cerberus is above your opponent monster he will not be attacked by the AI.
Does this work with Jesse from the new event?
<< Anonymous
Bimo Reply
Yes its does.
<< Anonymous
I ate a Tide Pod Reply
until this happens...
Does ist still works?
I used it yesterday against Mai and she just attack my Ceberus :/
<< Anonymous(eevery)
Anonymous Reply
You have to get Cerberus high enough so that she can't beat over it (remember to factor in her activating Amazoness Fighting Spirit also.) Also, this particular list is very, VERY outdated. Cards like Wonder Wand, Magical Mallet and Spell Power Grasp are your friend. ;p
<< Anonymous
eevery Reply
well, what i meant was that i used a Cerberus Deck but not this one :D

hmm, is this deck legit against jesse ?
<< Anonymous
Shadow_Zero Reply
Is there a recent version somewhere around here then? And can this page be updated with a note that it's outdated? (well, I guess you can deduce that by the submitting date)

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