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update 17/01/2020


“Dragunity” is an archetype of Dragon and Winged Beast monsters whose effects mainly revolve around equipping the Level 3 or lower Tuner monsters to the higher Level non-Tuner ones. Once the Level 3 or lower monsters are equipped, there are multiple ways to Special Summon them from the Spell & Trap Zone, giving you access to various Synchros.
It has definitely been a while since the last time Dragunity Synchro has seen competitive play in Duel Links, but the new Structure Deck EX Dragunity Overdrive might be what the archetype needs to be relevant again.

Example Deck

30 Cards Version

Dragunity Arma LeyvatenDragunity Arma LeyvatenDragunity Arma LeyvatenDarkstorm DragonKeeper of the ShrineThe White Stone of Ancients
The White Stone of AncientsThe White Stone of AncientsDragon Spirit of WhiteDragon Spirit of WhiteArkbrave DragonArkbrave Dragon
Arkbrave DragonKidmodo DragonKidmodo DragonKidmodo DragonDragunity PhalanxDragunity Phalanx
Dragunity PhalanxKiteroidKiteroidBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonFuture Fusion
Dragon's MirrorReloadThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerRuins of the Divine Dragon Lords
Five-Headed DragonDragunity Knight - AscalonDragunity Knight - AscalonVermillion Dragon MechScrap DragonDragunity Knight - Vajrayana
[Skill] descriptionUser
Spell Speciallist
If your Deck contains 5 or more Spell Cards with different names, you will have improved chances of having a Spell Card in your starting hand.
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi

Standard Version

Dragunity MilitumDragunity MilitumDragunity MilitumDragunity SenatusDragunity SenatusDragunity Senatus
Dragunity AklysDragunity AklysDragunity AklysDragunity PhalanxDragunity PhalanxDragunity Phalanx
KiteroidBurial from a Different DimensionHey, Trunade!Dragunity Divine LanceDragunity Divine LancePaleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia----
Dragunity Knight - AscalonDragunity Knight - BarchaStardust Spark DragonBrionac, Dragon of the Ice BarrierDragunity Knight - VajrayanaDragunity Knight - Vajrayana

How to Use

Dragunity Senatus & Dragunity Phalanx

By discarding 1 “Dragunity” card, Dragunity Senatus allows you to equip to it 1 “Dragunity” Tuner directly from your Deck.

  • Normal Summon Senatus, discard 1 “Dragunity” card and equip Dragunity Phalanx. While it’s equipped to a monster, Phalanx can be Special Summoned from the Spell & Trap Zone.

  • Special Summon Phalanx and Synchro Summon Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana (Level 6 Synchro) or, with the help of Level Augmentation, Dragunity Knight - Ascalon (Level 10 Synchro).

If you activate Dragunity Senatus’s effect, you cannot Special Summon any non-Dragon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn, so, despite its name, you will not be able to Synchro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.
Upon being Synchro Summoned, Vajrayana will allow you to equip Phalanx (or any other Level 3 or lower “Dragunity” Dragon monster in your Graveyard) to it.

  • Equip Phalanx to Vajrayana and Special Summon it, once again, from the Spell & Trap Zone.

Now, if it’s the 1st Turn, you might want to Synchro Summon Stardust Spark Dragon.

Dragunity Aklys & Dragunity Militum

Dragunity Aklys

When Dragunity Aklys is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 “Dragunity” monster from your hand, and then equip it with Aklys.

  • Normal Summon Aklys, Special Summon Dragunity Militum, equip Aklys to Militum.

Once per turn, Dragunity Militum allows you to Special Summon 1 “Dragunity” card from your Spell & Trap Zone.

  • Special Summon Aklys via Militum’s effect and Synchro Summon Vajrayana, Gae Dearg, Brionac, or Ascalon.

If you Summon Vajrayana, you can equip to it Aklys from the Graveyard, and then send it back to the Graveyard to double its ATK until the end of the turn. When Aklys is sent to the Graveyard, it allows you to target 1 card on the field and destroy it. Get rid of your opponent’s monsters and attack directly for massive damage.

I’ve already mentioned this card a couple times, but I need to emphasize just how good it is: if you equip Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana with this card, you will be able to equip it with Dragunity Aklys from the deck, increase its ATK by its Level x100 (600) and make it immune to Trap Cards.

If you are not convinced yet, let me add one more thing: if you then send Dragunity Aklys to the Graveyard with Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana’s effect, you will be able to destroy a card on the field and double Vajrayana’s current ATK, making a 5000 ATK monster immune to Trap Cards. Honestly the opponent has to stop you before you get to this point, unless you are playing against a Spellbook player.

The Extra Deck

By banishing 1 “Dragunity” monster from your Graveyard, Dragunity Knight - Ascalon allows you to target 1 monster your opponent controls and banish it. This would be a pretty underwhelming effect for a Level 10 Synchro that even requires a specific Tuner if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s not limited to a “once per turn” use.

As long as you have “Dragunity” monsters in your Graveyard to banish, you can keep on activating this effect.
If this Synchro Summoned card in its owner's control is destroyed by an opponent's card, you can Special Summon 1 "Dragunity" Synchro Monster with 3000 or less ATK from your Extra Deck.

Since this is treated as a Synchro Summon, if you use Ascalon’s effect to Summon Dragunity Knight - Barcha or Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana, you will be able to activate their effects.

I’ve already explained what you can do with this card, so I’m not going to repeat myself, the only thing that should be noted is that its effect doubles its “current” ATK and not its original ATK.

Once per turn, during either player’s turn, Stardust Spark Dragon allows you to target 1 face-up card you control; once during that turn, that card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect. You can respond to Treacherous Trap Hole by activating this effect, targeting even Stardust Spark Dragon itself, a prevent it from being destroyed. Stardust Spark Dragon is essentially a fairly safe Turn 1 play.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
Level Augmentation
Reveal 1 monster in your hand and select 1 monster on your side of the field. The selected monster's level increase by the level of the monster you revealed. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

This Skill is used to Summon Dragunity Knight - Ascalon with more ease. You can still run Beatdown! or Quick as WIND with Cosmic Cyclone, but extra ATK is definitely not needed.


  • The Sanctified Darklord completely shuts down your main combos, Darklord Desire can get rid of any of your monsters, meaning there’s no need for your opponent to get over them, and Artifact Lancea can prevent Ascalon from activating its effect. It’s safe to say that Darklords is one of your worst matchups.

  • Being a Synchro deck means that Treacherous Trap Hole, Floodgate Trap Hole, and Canadia can give you a hard time. I added Hey, Trunade! to the Example Deck to deal with them, and I could see myself adding a second one in the future.

  • Aklys and Phalanx can’t do anything by themselves (drawing the latter is in fact mostly pointless), and Dragunity Divine Lance does not help at all without Senatus or Militum. I would still run at least two copies of Phalanx just in case you draw one, but Divine Lance might get swapped for something else when more cards are revealed.


Hot New Top
Can i get a rate on my deck and maybe some tips on how to make it better. Im using the one listed here on the wiki until i get a better feel for how they work in duel links.

Im missing one Dox and Phalanx
I dont have any double cyclones or parallel twisters.

Im hoping someones tried a different combination or cards that runs smoother without bricking as often as this the one im running.
<< Anonymous(mork)
Anonymous Reply
Just use beatdown and there you are
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dragunity are capable of very fast otk omg,
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lose two mystletain add another militum and dux, focus on aklys and militum since that is one turn synchro and will lead to most of your otk combos also hey trunade would be better than cosmic this way you can get rid of multiple pesky backrow in order to get that otk and not use up your life should you brick and maybe some drowning mirror I run two in mine, at the end of the day deck will still
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wtf how dragunity is not even top tier, is op, u can litelly otk someone 1st turn if u are second to start
I don t have sturdust Can I still build this deck ? and İs this dek good ?
<< Anonymous
Another Anon Reply
1. Strdust is necessary. Easy to summon, provide destruction protection.

2. Nothing meta changing in this box.

3. Stardust is more useful and serve as staple in many decks to come.

So yes, it depends on you but I suggest open stardust box first. At least, get a stardst Dragon first.
<< Anonymous(Another Anon)
Another Anon Reply
Spent 16800 gems, still don't have 100% complete decks. Only 1whirlwind, 2consonance, 1sakuretsu, 1BWD, 3vajrayana.

So far I feel that it's not optimum without 3 consonance, also has no useful lv 8 synchro (which is very easy to bring out through this deck). Farming gems to draw stardust now. Don't really mind about x-saber/ blue eyes. Just stardust + some general support eg galaxy serpnt,dai,etc
<< Anonymous(Another Anon)
buyaka Reply
2 consonance is perfect, I found having 3 akhlys and 3 phalanx with 3 consonance is quite bricky, so I play 3 akhlys and 2 phalanx 2 consonance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is dragunity. It isnt based on summoning stardust but yes u can never go wrong if u have a stardust in ur extradeck. Sometimes u just need a lvl8 synchro and right now stardust is the only available option.
Cheap and fun, love it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
looks like meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What spell cards have you got in there? I can't make out some of the cards because it's too pixelated
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cards of Consonance, Storm, Dragunity Divine Lance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
it's really good actually
Zera The Mant
The OTK potential in this deck is completely unreal wtf man ! and divine lance makes the synchro big guy immune to traps. What a crazy powerhouse !
<< Anonymous(RIP anti-meta)
Dragunity is op Reply
I run 1 TTH, 1 trunade and 2 cyclones + the tie that binds and Vaj gets 4000 atk for that fast OTK. No regrets so far.
<< Anonymous(Dragunity is op)
Anonymous Reply
What's tth
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
tth stands for Treacherous Trap Hole, it's a popular trap from Visions of Ice mini box. Pretty sure you've seen it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank you
No. Just no.
Never go meta dragunity. Pass
<< Anonymous(Roludo )
Anonymous Reply
My KC Cup lvl 20 Dragunity deck says "Hi."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Share decklist, fast
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used the first example deck on this page, with Beatdown as the skill.

I won't deny that I lost quite a lot with this deck. I lost a couple ranks before making it back and beyond to 20. It just doesn't work when I need it to work. But when it works, man does it feel good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I changed the deck a bit and it's working slightly better.


3x of:
Dragunity Dux
Dragunity Aklys
Dragunity Militum
Dragunity Divine Lance

2x of:
Dragunity Phalanx
Cards of Consonance
Hey, Trunade!
Paleozoic Canadia

Extra Deck:
Stardust Dragon
Vajrayana x2
Gae Bulg
Gae Dearg
I reached KoG with a Dragunity deck but definetly not this one. Don't think that Phalanx is better than Aklys just because one is SR and the other isn't. Also 3 Cards of consonance is not really needed at all. Militum is a N card and is really great with Aklys. Also Beatdown let's you OTK turn 2 without needing to receive damage.
<< Anonymous(Robs)
Anonymous Reply
Can you post your deck?
<< Anonymous(Robs)
ValleCula Reply
I never said in this guide that Phalanx is better than Aklys because it's a Super Rare. Can I also just say that I find that "but definitely not this one" a bit offensive? It's an Example Deck, you are free to run whatever you want.
Expensive as hell
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and brick af too. If you build like the example deck, your start hand probably gonna end up with CoC, couple of divine lance and cosmic cyclone RIP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
based on my matches in legend, dragunity with optimised build (2 trunades, 3 Coc, and the rest all Dragunity-related cards) can easily summon a 5k ATK beater in his FIRST TURN! that's insane, idk if it's really bricky like you claim it to be or you're just missing a lot of core cards for it
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Don't make claims you can't back up, I did run some calculations before coming up with the Example Deck: it's strong and consistent.
<< Anonymous
MyNameIsSomething Reply
Im agree, Im not build it yet, but i believe if we build it just like example deck it would be bricky af ( & expensive af)
Just a quick note as I see this post recommends against running Black Winged Dragon: if you’re also using Cosmic Cyclone you can use BWD to negate LP lose and use its effect, banishing a spell/trap and debuffing an opponent’s monster’s Atk by 700. Doesn’t work as well with Quick as Wind, but it’s a good play to get over 3000 Atk beaters protected by backrow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cosmic Cyclone doesn't inflict damage. Even if it did, it would likely have to succeed in doing so to banish anything, similar to a card like Against the Wind.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yep, paying cost is not the same as taking damage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm glad that we're in 2020 and people still think cost is damage
<< Anonymous
WoodFrJared Reply
According to your issue, you cannot use BWD to negate LP loss when your opponent activates Cosmic Cyclone since the 1000 LP is paying cost not inflicting damage.
I have everything I need for this deck - however I only have 1 Cards of Consonance. Any replacements/is it necessary to farm for 3?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go for two. Three seems a bit bricky. I run only one and it doesn't really come to use that often.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah I ended up grabbing a second. Huge difference. Trying to farm for more parallel twisters now since i only have one and want to run those instead of double cyclone
<< Anonymous
Another Anon Reply
Parallel is more versatile.

But double cyclone is more flexible. You can set a DC down and activate during opponent turn = monster removal too in case they summon a monster that can threaten you. Sometimes you just couldn't bring out vajrayana early enough to end opponent.
Lovely Aster
Are 2 or more vajrayanas absolutely necessary for the deck to be good? I'm afraid of what could happen when I reset the box.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
It runs okay at 1 2 is better though
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster Reply
Thanks. I am still trying to get more cards to build the deck. Last night, someone in casual duel killed me with dragunity. It was a Kaiba who got rid of my monsters and got vajrayana up to 6000 something attack. It was so cool and now I really want the deck.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
2 are more then enough.
especially because you have only 5 slots to give away, one being for stardust and one for Gea Dearg.
Vajriana is just a beater or a tool to get to lvl 8 synchros. So especially for the latter you want as many open extra deck slots as possible.

1 works fine too if you can read the enemy right and counter them with the right synchro or dragunity equipment in the first turn.
Why do people keep disconnecting on me when they see I'm running this. This deck ain't that good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because they probably don't enjoy duels that end less than 4 turns nowadays which ends the duel as quickly as possible.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

That reminds me of MH
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is very good! OTK can pop backrow.
Oh boi I wonder how some guys know exactly when a new deck is added to this page lol.
<< Anonymous(Katana)
Anonymous Reply
the mods themselves pretend to be anons and blend in with the crowds.
<< Anonymous
Katana Reply
Why do u hate the mods so much? perhaps you've been posting some nasty pics dude!

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