Upcoming events/updates [February]

Duel Links Events & Updates in February 2018, event details, and rewards.
Duel Links Breaking News
New pack: Absolute Inferno!
update 06/02/2018

Announced in-game on the 29th of January, plans for future updates for February have been released! Along with some details of what's to come for March as well.

Early February

It's time for the "Chazz-A-Thon"!

There will be a Chazz Princeton event starting from Feb 5 - Feb 13. Coming with new exclusive card rewards, Chazz will be taking center stage with a message saying "No more Ojamas!"

KC Cup Announcement

Another KC Cup event will be held again this February, starting from 8th - 19th. It will be divided into two stages like the previous KC Cups, and the second stage will start on the 16th - 19th.

Card Sleeves/Game Mats will be sold at the Shop

Card Sleeves/Game Mats previously given away as Rewards will be able to be purchased at the Shop! There will also be a new Card Sleeves/Game Mats featuring "a certain beloved monster", as stated in the in-game announcement.

Mid February

Return of Espa Roba

Espa Roba will be making an appearance in the game again this mid February. There will be new card rewards added for players that farmed the previous Espa Roba.

Bonz and Mokuba will be coming to the Gate!

Both Bonz and Mokuba will be a permanent character in the Gate. Available for all players to farm, and for new players to be able to unlock them as playable characters. Mokuba can be unlocked as a playable character by completing Bingo Missions. Check the mission banner in Duel World when it arrives.

Return of Dr. Crowler

Dr. Crowler will be returning to Duel Links in Mid February. He will also have new card Rewards, and can be unlocked as playable character for new players who have yet to obtain him.

Late February

New event: "Duel Island"

There will be a completely new event planned for late February called "Duel Island!"
Eliminate Duelists' Decks from around the world!


The only reveal written on the announcement is that a new character will be coming to Duel Links this early March, with the only hint being "Hey guys, wait up for me!"


Early February

  • Before: When a player's signal is lost after finding an opponent, the Duel Result screen is immediately displayed and the Duel is counted as a loss.
  • After: When a player's signal is lost after finding an opponent, the Duel will be counted as a draw.

  • Before: A communication error occurs when the outcome of the Duel is determined.
  • After: Since this is due to a signal loss on the opponent's side, the player who remains will be able to see the Duel through to the end.

  • Before: After winning a Duel, if you remain on the victory screen for too long, it is counted as a loss.
  • After: Duels will now be counted as a victory immediately when the victory message appears.

  • Coutermeasures against the use of cheat tools that reveal the opponent's set cards and hand.

Mid March

  • The ability to surrender during your opponent's turn.
  • The ability to report players after a Duel.
  • The ability to mute your opponent's taunts.
  • An icon that appears when your opponent has disconnected and is trying to reconnect will be added.


Hot New Top
My predictions for March:

[Early March]
A new character is coming to Duel Links!
Obelisk Blue student Syrus Truesdale is making his way to Duel World (GX)!

"Hey guys, wait up for me!"

[Mid March]
Obtain a Legendary Duelist
A certain dolphin is going to be unlock in Duel World (GX)!

"You can just call me Aquos if you'd like!"

[Mid March]
Obtain a Legendary Duelist
Unlock a returning character in Duel-A-Thon!

"If you stand in my way of victory, you'll pay the ultimate price!"

[Late March]
D.D. Tower Appears
"D.D. Tower: Wind Dimension" coming soon!
Various updates have been made based on feedback we have received!
Aim for the top knocking down any formidable enemy that may stand in your way!

[Early April]
Obtain a Legendary Duelist
"Duelist Chronicles: Battle City Begins" is having a rerun! If you missed out on unlocking Arkana, now' your chance!

"No one has seen my best tricks until now!"
<< Anonymous(Aqua dolphin )
Taylor Reply
Well, I do kniw you are not Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin, but someone else instead.
<< Anonymous(Aqua dolphin)
Taylor Reply
No, plus, you are not the real Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin.
<< Anonymous
Taylor Reply
Why are you guys attacking me?
<< Anonymous
Taylor Reply
We'll see if it's accurate.
Who do you think the superb duelist is? They were also asking about 5ds world and characters in the servey. They’re definitly coming soon
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Baharley Reply
Yeah sis =((((
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Can't wait to unlock Jesse and the Rainbow Dragon!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A certain LD has to be an existing character in the game. My guess on a "Superb" LD is either Kaiba or Pegasus.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if new LD’s were wrote like that. But since we’re getting syrus roaming then it won’t be a new LD. That’s a good guess with kaiba and pegasus. Probably kaiba since pegasus would have something related to cartoons written I assume
Please please marik
<< Anonymous(Marik bakura)
Yami Bakura Reply
What? Explain, I don't understand what you're trying to relay. You're just making statements as questions and it's so ambiguous that I'd prefer you get more specific. What bullying comments? Me? Huh? What? Eh??
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
Marik bakura Reply
No I didn't mean you post anything rude ... I just asked what do you think of haters and rude comments
Marik is only an anime character as you said and there is no need to bully a fan because of this :(
<< Anonymous(Marik bakura)
Yami Bakura Reply
Clearly, you have such a poor reading comprehension. I can't even spot a Marik hate comment in here. Get lost.
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
Baharley Reply
I should buy you new glasses :)
Konami we need marik ishtar
<< Anonymous(Neko neko marik )
Anonymous Reply
^ Looks like a little fag
<< Anonymous(Angelina)
Anonymous Reply
There’s no gravekeeprs support so what’s the point... ishizu only has a hand full of them and they’re too useless to use
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
While that isn't really an acceptable word, your use of the f-word was also pretty extraneous.
<< Anonymous
Baharley Reply
All I know is that You need to see a therapist
Your mental health is at risk
My Predictions For The Second Tag Dag Tournament:

Normal Difficlty:
Partner: Yugi Muto
Round 1: Mickey & Nick
Semi-Finals: Arkana & Bandit Keith
Final Round: Yami Yugi & Joey Wheeler

Hard Difficulty:
Partner: Ishizu Ishtar
Round 1: Ashley & Kylie
Round 2: Logan & Zachary
Round 3: Bonz & Espa Roba
Semi-Finals: Jaden Yuki & Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Final Round: Seto Kaiba & Aster Phoenix

Master Difficulty:
Round 1: Hailey & Christine
Round 2: Joey Wheeler & Serenity Wheeler
Round 3: Dr. Vellian Crowler & Jesse Anderson
Semi-Finals: Alexis Rhodes & Bastion Misawa
Final Round: Yami Yugi & Jaden Yuki

Extra Chance: Paradox Brothers as separate Duelists
<< Anonymous(Taylor )
Taylor Reply
No, you stop impostering me.
<< Anonymous(Taylor )
Taylor Reply
Nope, the real Taylor is someone who like to share what he thinks will happen in Duel Links in the time that follows. I also like to play baseball.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Anonymous Reply
I bet you like to play pitcher haha
<< Anonymous
Taylor Reply
I actually am more of a second baseman. Helps get a runner out at first. Also, I like to play on the Nintendo Switch.
The ”Hey guys wait for me is Cyrus cause he kinda said it alot in the series
<< Anonymous
indoman Reply
i think its seeker because he has exodia.
<< Anonymous(indoswag)
Taylor Reply
First off, sometumes people imposter me. Secondly, Syrus makes more sense.
<< Anonymous(indoswag)
Swift Reply
^ whose kid is this? He need to feed with proper food for better IQ.
<< Anonymous(Swift)
Anonymous Reply
Seems like you're lacking that proper food too.
taylor, can you do predictions for 2025?
<< Anonymous(Taylor )
Taylor Reply
No, my name is Taylor. You're the one who is copying me.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Taylor Reply
He guys I'm Taylor too
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Taylor Reply
But my name is is Taylor.
<< Anonymous(Taylor )
Taylor Swift Reply
My name is also Taylor and I'll write you all on my upcoming dolphin song.
I wish that retard and his predictions would f*ck off. Sick of the little virgin clogging up this feed
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It’s not an opinion, it’s an assumption
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 who ever said this post was regarding aqua dolphin

2. I’m yet to encounter a storm neos

3. You’re a dipstick
<< Anonymous
fujoshi Reply
the post of someone who got tilted by storm neos.
<< Anonymous(fujoshi)
fujoshi Reply
aqua dolphin is material for storm neos
My predictions for April since some people like to bully me for just stating my opinions:

[Early April]
Obtain a Legendary Duelist
"Duelist Chronicles: Battle City Begins" is having a rerun!
Get another chance to unlock Arkana with new rewards!

"No one has seen my best tricks until now!"

[Mid April]
Obtain a Legendary Duelist
A brand new Duelist will be made available in Duel World (GX)!

"Me and my dinosaurs will challenge in you in T minus 300 hours!"

[Mid April]
Event Exclusive Legendary Duelists are Coming to the Gate!
Both new players and players who missed out on unlocking the event exclusive Legendary Duelists before will now be able to challenge and unlock them at the Gate!
The next addition to the gate will be Dr. Vellian Crowler!

In addition, more event exclusive Legendary Duelists will be added in the future.
Further details will be revealed in upcoming notifications.

[Mid April]
A New Bingo Mission
In the advent of Mokuba Kaiba appear at the Gate, a new Duelist will be available through clearing Bingo Cards!
The next obtainable Duelist with this method is Espa Roba!

In addition, another Legendary Duelist will be unlocked through Bingo Missions the moment Espa Roba appears at the Gate.
Further details will be revealed in upcoming notications.

[Late April]
A New Duelist is coming to Duel Links!
A certain Duelist is coming to Duel World!

"I now take my Gravekeeper duties seriously!"

[Early May]
Event: "Duel-A-Thon"
Duel to fill up your Duel Meter and receive Daily/Cumulative Rewards!
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Because they are brainless losers who only try to gain fleeting, artificial happiness at the expense of insulting others. Don't even try to reason with them. Trolls aren't capable of that. Your predictions are cool, so you should just keep posting them.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
1) brainless losers
2) don't try to reason
3) u cool, keep being cool~!

Very, very, very... good advice! I think I should let Valencia work on a mental hospital so she can counsel the patients there and produce a healthy balance of escapism and retardation care amongst the patients.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I prefer play as Oprah Winfrey than f*cking Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm not dealing with you trolls right now.
Taylor Swift
My prediction for opponents for the first Duel Gauntlet:

Legendary Duelists:
Yami Yugi
Seto Kaiba
Joey Wheeler
Mai Valentine
Téa Gardner
Yugi Muto
Weevil Underwood
Rex Raptor
Mako Tsunami
Yami Marik
Yami Bakura
Bandit Keith
Ishizu Ishtar
Maximillion Pegasus
Mokuba Kaiba
Paradox Brothers
Espa Roba
Jaden Yuki
Aster Phoenix
Chazz Princeton
Zane Truesdale
Alexis Rhodes
Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Tyranno Hassleberry
Dr. Vellian Crowler
Bastion Misawa

Standard Duelists:

Tower Monsters:
Poki Draco
Blast Asmodian
Stray Asmodian
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective
Star Boy
Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
Gladiator Beast Andal
Phantom Beast Wild-Horn
Thunder Kid
The Six Samurai - Nisashi
Karate Man
The Six Samurai - Yariza
Desert Twister
Megarock Dragon

Mind Controlled-Joey
Rare Hunters
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
fujoshi Reply
thats true it might be copy by trolls :(
just a suggest
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Valencia Reply
taylor can you predict Astral from zexal?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Taylor Reply
He'll be in the ZEXAL world along with Yuma Tsukumo, Reginald Kastle, Tori Meadows, Bronk Stone, Anna Kaboom, and Flup Turner when it first appears in Early October 2019 in my opinion.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Anonymous Reply
Taylor can you predict your death?
Since the other link I found for the datamine character list doesn't work, here is one that does, along with the screenshot for easier viewing out of a comment list:
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
no such thing as dark zane that how he is after he got defeated by aster lol i think there is 2 zane because the other one is ai zane with a school outfit in event like duelist chronicle kind of stuff
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I know he's not a separate person, I just don't what else to call him right now. Crazy Zane? Sadistic Zane? Lol. Your idea makes sense. I would love to see some GX events in the same style as the DM version's Duelist Chronicles. And a GX tag tournament.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
I also would like to see Happy Zane, Sad Zane, Horny Zane, as splitted characters with different decks each!
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I found this (Xof datamine) on the reddit site (works better if you can go to the page immediately): Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion (or maybe I should say delusions) about Panik or more of Marik's higher-ranking rare hunters being added to the game right now.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
indoswag Reply
probably panik
<< Anonymous(indoswag)
Taylor Reply
yeah, I guess it's definatly panik from what I predict. you are a good predictor.
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
Taylor Reply
No, I think the second Zane is a placeholder dor Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin you imposter.
<< Anonymous
Taylor Reply
No, I just think one of the Zane files is a placeholder.

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Im assuming its mine, just submitted last night.
It's a pretty big con. It's a terrible card to topdeck.
Who actually uses this guy?
I played today feb 2019 and in two straigh games I used 5 cards to destroy 1 card and it landed ...
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