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Duel Links Events & Updates in February 2018, event details, and rewards.
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KC Cup 2018 Nov season!
update 06/02/2018

Announced in-game on the 29th of January, plans for future updates for February have been released! Along with some details of what's to come for March as well.

Early February

It's time for the "Chazz-A-Thon"!

There will be a Chazz Princeton event starting from Feb 5 - Feb 13. Coming with new exclusive card rewards, Chazz will be taking center stage with a message saying "No more Ojamas!"

KC Cup Announcement

Another KC Cup event will be held again this February, starting from 8th - 19th. It will be divided into two stages like the previous KC Cups, and the second stage will start on the 16th - 19th.

Card Sleeves/Game Mats will be sold at the Shop

Card Sleeves/Game Mats previously given away as Rewards will be able to be purchased at the Shop! There will also be a new Card Sleeves/Game Mats featuring "a certain beloved monster", as stated in the in-game announcement.

Mid February

Return of Espa Roba

Espa Roba will be making an appearance in the game again this mid February. There will be new card rewards added for players that farmed the previous Espa Roba.

Bonz and Mokuba will be coming to the Gate!

Both Bonz and Mokuba will be a permanent character in the Gate. Available for all players to farm, and for new players to be able to unlock them as playable characters. Mokuba can be unlocked as a playable character by completing Bingo Missions. Check the mission banner in Duel World when it arrives.

Return of Dr. Crowler

Dr. Crowler will be returning to Duel Links in Mid February. He will also have new card Rewards, and can be unlocked as playable character for new players who have yet to obtain him.

Late February

New event: "Duel Island"

There will be a completely new event planned for late February called "Duel Island!"
Eliminate Duelists' Decks from around the world!


The only reveal written on the announcement is that a new character will be coming to Duel Links this early March, with the only hint being "Hey guys, wait up for me!"


Early February

  • Before: When a player's signal is lost after finding an opponent, the Duel Result screen is immediately displayed and the Duel is counted as a loss.
  • After: When a player's signal is lost after finding an opponent, the Duel will be counted as a draw.

  • Before: A communication error occurs when the outcome of the Duel is determined.
  • After: Since this is due to a signal loss on the opponent's side, the player who remains will be able to see the Duel through to the end.

  • Before: After winning a Duel, if you remain on the victory screen for too long, it is counted as a loss.
  • After: Duels will now be counted as a victory immediately when the victory message appears.

  • Coutermeasures against the use of cheat tools that reveal the opponent's set cards and hand.

Mid March

  • The ability to surrender during your opponent's turn.
  • The ability to report players after a Duel.
  • The ability to mute your opponent's taunts.
  • An icon that appears when your opponent has disconnected and is trying to reconnect will be added.


Hot New Top
That mystery character being added to duel
links is... Aqua Dolphin!

Thanks -Konami
This girl need Event(The TombsKeepers) too ...(Blast Held by Tribute)for Only UR is not Satisfying Except give us Exchange of Spirit trap with Necrovalley Spell.. Konami so stingy..
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Valencia Reply
And just why were they so afraid of giving us Kelbek? Would have been a nice addition for fairies.
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Anonymous Reply
They should at least give her an animation for a card like Horus lvl 8 or Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys. Two wasted opportunities.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Dier Reply
Gravekeeper too Strong even Konami scare give us some her Fairies or Gravekeeper Monsters
Winter shadow
Is that syrus’s orginal voice actor? He sounds very nasally. Like it’s a cheap imitation?
<< Anonymous(Winter shadow)
Valencia Reply
I noticed the same thing with Espa. I don't know if they are all the original actors. I think most of them are, but when I hear stuff like this, I think that some substitutes are at work.
<< Anonymous(Winter shadow)
Anonymous Reply
maybe worst dl voice actor up to date
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Winter shadow Reply
Espa’s sounded the same to me but syrus’s is too high pitched. Maybe it is the OVA. Probably went into the sudio, rushed the lines then came out. Done it from memory
<< Anonymous(Winter shadow)
Steppinghen Reply
Yes, it is the same voice actor who voiced Joey Wheeler. If you listen, you'll hear the similarity. He voiced Syrus in the entire dub of GX.
Winter shadow
Cyrus will be in his ra yellow atire
I really like dd tower event. Hopeing for windrose the elemental lord and grandsoil the elemental lord as rewards. I know grandsoil is banned from tcg, but i think it's no reason to ban him in duel links game
Winter shadow
Syrus’s ace monster summon animation has been data mined. super Vehicroid jumbo drill
<< Anonymous(Winter shadow)
Some smuck Reply
Sauce to back up said claim?
<< Anonymous(Some smuck)
Winter shadow Reply
I wish she bring Harpies Queen,Hysteric Sign and Hysteric Party and 2 more copy Harpie Hunting Ground.. :3
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Valencia Reply
I wish they would do this again.
<< Anonymous(Dier)
Piroca Reply
Next Mai's event should be: Correct Cleavage Mai
I don’t like this event. It’s boring and everyone is spamming the same decks especially Gladiator beast.
Spade's Ace
I wanna see Dartz appear at some point. I want to see the seal of oricalcos become something in duel links. Or Grandpa (Not sure if he's already a charcter or not) as much as i'm loving being able to play as GX characters now (Jayden more specifically) I really hope they don't stop doing events for the original.
<< Anonymous(Spade's Ace)
Anonymous Reply
I wouldnt be too surprised to see Dartz with oricaclos support. And if so, Rafael with guardians would come too. They could do a waking the dragons event to unlock timeas, hermos, critas and their support.

best to add this after GX get's a bump, then start into 5D's and then finish out DM with some season 5 additions
<< Anonymous(Spade's Ace)
Valencia Reply
Dartz, Raphael, Alister, and Valon. Especially Valon. And then a KC Grand Prix with Siegfried and Leon. And finally, Memory World. I want events off the arcs in the other series, too.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Note that there's an issue with their cards : most of them are not printed in real life.

DL only has cards that are printed in real life.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
That is indeed the real problem here. Since Duel Links tries to go by what the characters actually have, it's harder to include characters like this. It's not the same as the older games when they would just throw whatever they wanted into a character's deck.
Omg yessi anderson is comming witch super ultra rale card crystal ultimate beast RAINBOW DRAGON so fowerful
Hey! recently when I play pvp if an opponent monster attacks my defense monster (whith higher def than atk of the attacking monster), it takes 0 battle damage. That must be a bug, isn't it?
<< Anonymous
tepor Reply
No, talking about old ones, against gladiator beast decks. a nonsense...
<< Anonymous
tepor Reply
and there was not ritual cage nor spirit barrier. I'd have noticed, and it happened many times already.
<< Anonymous(tepor)
Anonymous Reply
It's because many gladiator beasts player uses Tea's skill that reduces battle damage their take during their turn to 0.
<< Anonymous
tepor Reply
i see. what a bothersome and boring deck. thanks
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