Arkana is playable!

On July 22 (GMT +9), an official Duel Links twitter account announced that Arkana is playable at "JUMP Victory Carnival 2017" which is held on July 22th in Tokyo and July 29th in Osaka.

ジャンバルのデュエルリンクス、未実装のパンドラ使える! #ジャンバル



Arkana appeared as one of the antagonists in the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh! He's formerly a professional stage magician who joined the Rare Hunters Organization when he lost both of his career and love one. He uses cheats such as the Stripper technique to gain an upper hand on drawing cards.


Dark Magician

Arcana's deck revolves around Spellcaster type monsters. He uses cards like Legion the Fiend Jester and Dark Magic Curtain to easily get Dark Magician from his deck. He also uses support cards such as Dark Renewal to special summon Dark Magician from the graveyard and Thousand Knives to destroy an opponent's monster.


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Anonymous 22days ago
Arkana lvl 40 farming
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
Tiernan Adel 22days ago
So can we get Little Yugi and Mokuba now as well? :D
Yami 22days ago
And if Pandora the new Playable ? new event with shows? xd
Anonymous 22days ago
Nice. Another gems resources.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
lol thinking the same thing and also more gold
Ultima 22days ago
Who can use him? I don't understand...
<< Anonymous(:v)
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
he's lying lol. arkana is not a playable character atm
<< Anonymous
:'v 22days ago Reply
Mmmm... :'(
<< Anonymous(Ultima)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Don't care about Unlock Arkana. If this can't unlock with Summon Dark Magician (Arkana) 100 times you will can get his Playmat and Arkana Playmat is awesome,
<< Anonymous
:v 21days ago Reply
:) yeah!
Anonymous 22days ago
yeah love it, hope bring anti magic again
GW 25days ago
Will he ever return? I was not able to get a DM
<< Anonymous(GW)
Ulle 25days ago Reply
I think so. Maybe they'll do another Marik unlock event in a half year or Arkana just shows up as another spawn duelist.
Anonymous 26days ago
Anonymous 27days ago
<< Anonymous
Yami 27days ago Reply
Harpie King 27days ago
I just want Mai Valentine of the Orichalcos. Why konami... why?????
<< Anonymous(Harpie King)
Yami 27days ago Reply
In the future we get the orichalcos.
Anonymous 27days ago
Why does every event fucking hate me why Konami why do you hate us why? Bitches
Anonymous 27days ago
Now I can't decide who should be my fuckboy, Marik or Arkana?
<< Anonymous
Yami 27days ago Reply

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