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update 20/04/2018
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Vellian Lvl 40
Vellian Lvl 40

Previous Unlock Event

How to Unlock

Complete all the missions to unlock Vellian Crowler as a playable character!

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsGreen Key x50
Summon Elemental HERO Flame Wingman 1 time(s) while playing as Jaden Yuki, in a Duel against Dr. Vellian Crowler at level 30.SR Jewel x3
Inflict 2000 or more points of effect damage with asingle effect activation in a Duel against Dr. Vellian Crowler at level 30 using Jaden YukiGold x8,000
Achieve 1 Comback Victory(ies) in Duels against Dr. Vellian Crowler at level 30 using Jaden YukiGold x8,000
Use level 7 or higher Mosnter Cards 3 time(s) in one Duel World (GX) duel.Gold x8,000
Achieve 3 win(s) using only Machine-Type Monsters Cards in Duel World (GX) Duels.Gold x8,000

Vellian Crowler's skills

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Middle Age Mechs
Activate the Continues Spell "Ancient Gear Castle" at the beginning of your first turn.
Lvl 4
Boosts the ATK of face-up attack position monsters you control by 300 per level 5 or more monsters you control. You can only use the skill once per turn.
Lvl 13
Draw Sense: Earth
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random EARTH attribute monster.
Lvl 20
Teacherly Discipline
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. Declare a Monster, Spell, or Trap Card. That type of card will be randomly selected from your opponent's Deck and placed on top of their Deck. Neither player will see what the card is. Nothing will be placed on top of your opponent's Deck if the declared card type is not in their Deck.

Level-Up Rewards

What are Level Rewards?

Level reward is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots.

Vellian Crowler's Level-Up Rewards

2Gem x10
3Ancient Gear SoldierAncient Gear Soldier
4Skill: Middle Age Mechs
5Deck Slot (Veillan Crowler)
6Gem x15
7Ancient Gear CannonAncient Gear Cannon
8Deck Slot (Vellian Crowler)
9Gem x25
10Ancient Gear BeastAncient Gear Beast
11Ancient Gear TankAncient Gear Tank
12Gem x35
13Skill: Beatdown!
14Ancient Gear CastleAncient Gear Castle
15Gem x50
16Ancient Gear SoldierAncient Gear Soldier
17Gem x60
18Ancient Gear CannonAncient Gear Cannon
19Gem x75
20Skill: Draw Sense:Earth
21Ancient Gear EngineerAncient Gear Engineer
22Gem x100
23Ancient Gear FistAncient Gear Fist
24Gem x120
25Ancient Gear BoxAncient Gear Box
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Vellian Crowler)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Gem x300
31Gold x100,000
32Gem x200
33Ancient Gear ExplosiveAncient Gear Explosive
34Gem x250
35Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear Golem
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
38Ancient Gear KnightAncient Gear Knight
39Gem x250
40Spell GearSpell Gear

Duel Rewards

What are Duel Rewards?

Reward cards are card that You can get as reward for gaining a victory over Legendary Duelists.

Vellian Crowler's Exclusive Duel Rewards

Starter Deck

What is a Starter Deck?

A starter deck is the default set of cards of a certain character which you will automatically get once you obtain that character.

Vellian Crowler's Starter Deck

Ancient Gear GolemAncient GearAncient GearAncient GearKarakuri SpiderKarakuri Spider
Karakuri SpiderGiant Mech-SoldierGiant Mech-SoldierGiant Mech-SoldierMighty GuardMighty Guard
Mighty GuardShovel CrusherShovel CrusherShovel CrusherHolograhHolograh
HolograhMachine Conversion Factory----


In Manga / Anime

Vellian Crowler is the head professor and department chair of techniques at duel academy. Initially started out as the antagonist of the show, Crowler wanted to expel Jaden from the academy, attempting several times. After losing the duel against Jaden, Crowler eventually had a change of heart, becoming more of a respectable teacher, as well as serving as a comedic relief.

Using the Ancient Gear archetype, which are mostly Machine-Type monsters, Crowler's playstyle revolves around trying to summon gear golem as soon as possible. This allows him to attack without without getting stopped by spell/trap cards, and difficult to go against since it also inflicts pierce damage.

Other Duelists

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM)

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.


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straight as f'(x^2)
This character and anyone who plays him is a fag. Seriously, who would want to play him, even if he gives gear cards.
<< Anonymous(straight as f'(x^2))
Anonymous Reply
I've gotten 21 wins in a row with Crowler and his AG deck during the KC Cup
<< Anonymous(straight as f'(x^2))
Anonymous Reply
You need to be calm dude chilax
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What was the list you ran?
<< Anonymous(straight as f'(x^2))
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Name other character who got PhD on Duelling !
I think Dr. Crowler would probably have dialogue when facing Jaden, Aster, or Chazz, what do you think?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tough choice, Konami didn't even want to pit Aster vs Yugi or Kaiba, so we can only follow what Pegasus' personal ranking choice at the moment: 1) Yugi 2) Kaiba 3) Joey 4) Aster 5) Jesse...So in a way, I would like to see Aster battle the top 3 in Pegasus' list.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not only Aster, but neither of the GX characters have chance against Yugi or Kaiba.
<< Anonymous
sevgin Reply
Yes Aster have defeated both Zane and Jaden(but that only maked them stronger) and WAS number 1 "in the world" but for SOME NICK OF TIME in the series. In season 3 and 4 there are way better duelist than him. Like Jaden(Yubel), Dark Zane, Adrian Gecko and even Chazz defeated him(i dont even know HOW) !!!
<< Anonymous(sevgin)
sevgin Reply
And yeah neither of them have any chance against Yugi or Kaiba. OK maybe Jaden(Yubel)or Zane can put up a some good fight against Kaiba, but never against Yugi/Yami cuz Kazuki or the producers will NEVER let Yugi lose !!!
hello double prismatic there goes all my luck for the upcoming boxes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"it definitely is my life" is all i need to hear... smh........
<< Anonymous
random guy Reply
<< Anonymous(random guy)
Anonymous Reply
fu a bunch of nerds arguing over something stupid xD best thread ever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^ including you!!!
Nice mat from his Ace monster guys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Odd question. Does this deck actually keep the game going forever? Wouldn't adding a prismatic card mean you could build up end score insanely high?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Is there an AGG card sleeve in the game? If so, what are the requirements/missions to complete it?
<< Anonymous
Masked Reply
Play 100 duels with doctor crowler (and if during this 100 duels you manage to summon AGG... 2 birds with 1 stone)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh baby
Gx 8days ago
Explain to me how the Crowler mission with 2000 inflicts damage. I tried 500 damage on the round, but it did not work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
its the game mechanic goddamnit i try it before it doesnt count geez you think im lying ?
<< Anonymous(Gx)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
They basically wants you to redo what Judai did in his famous Duel against Crowler, where he used Flame Wingman + Skyscraper combo to overpower Ancient Gear Golem and win the duel.
<< Anonymous
heat shock 7days ago Reply
Just tried the #3 and it works.
#2 does not work.
<< Anonymous(Gx)
Dr 3days ago Reply
Is there a deck you can advise for the wingman? This is proving to be impossible. That conditions have to be absolutely perfect
this will be end era of mirror wall
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It actually doesn't. I won't call you a "dumbass", but you're wrong. Gear Golem's effect: "If this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
when you got both half counter and mirror wall the game tells you in "damage step" to activate mirror wall.. THEN says "this is before damage calculation" and shows half counter.. maybe ll work, idk
<< Anonymous
Mastakui Reply
Well if it's already in damage step golem effect already take place which means you can't activate any trap
<< Anonymous(Judai)
xox Reply
End of damage step your monster already destroy, mirror wall and half counter cannot activate after Gear Golem declare attack. declare attack -> battle step -> start of damage step -> before damage calculation -> damage calculation -> after damage calculation -> end of damage step
This guy is a total homo
<< Anonymous
grow up Reply
grow up
<< Anonymous(grow up)
no u Reply
no u
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
closet homo over here making fun of homos.
kys =]
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kill himself cuz he's a closet cased homo? Go yourself you fat jiggly twiggly fugly twat.
aw man this likely means he doesn't get a gate and we only get one ancient gear golem and the decks viability is in question.
<< Anonymous(Kemo Sabe )
Anonymous Reply
i think 2 agg is good enough in a deck
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous Reply
AGG is still easier to summon than Plasma lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pegasus and the Paradox Brothers are getting added to the gate, so never say never.
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
jullo Reply
plasma cannot be special summoned except by its effect
Why this cringeworthy character instead of Zane or Cyrus? Ancient gear is cool but simply a roaming crowler would work.
It's the same logic as putting paradox bros before Marik and Yugi Moto all over again.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Anonymous Reply
Sigh, what can you expect guys? You should know by now what kind of person this anonyboy is. Judging by the look and the content of his arguments, he is hardcore . Same level as sjp and edgegar, can't stand losing up in any kind of argument. Let it be, people of these kind are already a common occurrence here at GameA.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol not even an argument mah boi..they just try to talk about the characters who they mostly fap with. sad that they can't come up with any kind of agreement
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Anonymous Reply
^retard much doing drama again >_>
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well I reckon it's cus duel links isn't ready for cyber dragon just yet.
Soon tho... Soooon
Only mischizure can handle this card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(Activate only when a monster is sent from the field to your Graveyard) you cannot active if the condition happen when he attack and destroy your monster since destroyed by battle and send to graveyard timing happen during damage step, gear golem effect work until end of damage step
<< Anonymous(Asdf)
Anonymous Reply
No, michizure has to be chained in order to make it's effect effective. That means that the card cannot be activated on the end phase. I don't know about it but maybe divine providence or the other card that negates effects could work?
<< Anonymous(Asdf)
Anonymous Reply
It's fine. You just Super Rush Headlong on one of your monsters in their Main Phase and hope they don't notice. ;p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^That's harsh. Just activate your spells/traps in main phase so the problem will be solved lol
Never watched GX, so this funny looking old men is like Pegasus version of GX eh?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yfw every memory you have of dbz was a cyborg mindraping you this whole
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wow that is interesting = )
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And in the German Dub he has the same voice as Spongebob x)
Assuming that Dr. Crowler is the unlockable duelist, which is 100% possible, I would like to see Geartown at the start of the duel as a Skill. What the Field Magic card does is allows both players to Normal Summon an "Ancient Gear" monsters with 1 less tribute. When the card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can special summon 1 "Ancient Gear" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard. If you have AGG in your starting hand and use Cost Down while Geartown is out, you can summon AGG easily w/o tributes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Probably works the same as Skyscraper, Ojama Country etcetera: the skill can only activate when your LP's 2000 or less.
<< Anonymous
LeoDen Reply
Probably can only use when took 2000 damages while skills can only be use twice (or once) per duel.
<< Anonymous(LeoDen)
Anonymous Reply
I’m okay with geartown as a skill. How about ancient gear castle? If that can be a skill, that should be at the start of the duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The only problem is AGG does not work with geartowns special summon effect, as he cannot be special summoned PERIOD. Gadjiltron dragon would work better, bu doubt it will be added.

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