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update 14/03/2020

Unexpected Dai

Unexpected Dai
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


If you control no monsters: Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from the Deck.

How to Get

PackStardust Acceleration [UR]
Gladiator's Storm [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Special summons a Normal monster from your deck.


  • Can only be used if you control no monsters.


Magnet Warriors

The basic Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Magnet Warriors are all level 4 Normal monsters. In a Magnet Warrior deck you want to search them out of the deck to use as fuel for other effects or cost to special summon their boss monster Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior.


You can use Unexpected Dai to special summon a Normal Gem-Knight monster from your deck depending on what you need to Fusion summon any Gem-Knight Fusion monster.




Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Deck


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Anonymous No. 2
How much is Synchro still a thing in the TCG? I mean, does it even matter anymore now that there are more powerful mechanics out there?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
Crystal wing synchro dragon is still a good card. And just like the person above me said, it depends on the card, not the synchro mechanic.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let's just say that there's a reason why people keep asking for Crystron Needlefiber to be imported into TCG already.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
Borreload Savage Dragon is actually a good powerful Synchro that I can see getting some use once it is released.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that wont be added any time soon maybe 3 years
Why is this UR exactly?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Special summon with no drawback?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Beccause you can activate it to summon 2000 attack monsters now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because you can summon an almighty powerful Tune Warrior with it
<< Anonymous
Sclipper Reply
UR = Ultra rare
Anyone tried using this for exodia deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. Nobody. Ever.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's actually useful in a exodia deck, but it's gonna be very expensive. Add 3 into the void to the deck etc
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it is actually good in combination with cards like white elephant gift and silent doom. The problem with the exodia decks is that you need the goddamn pieces to do anything, unexpected dai can give you the kick you need to start, the problem is that it is too expensive.
This card is lame and has never been included in any meta relevant decks. It's bricktastic too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It can be good in some synchro decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exodia deck also makes use of this card iirc. Get the pieces out, then return them to hand with other card effect.
works with good with gemini and normal tuners
<< Anonymous
Geminis are treated as normal monster only when they're on the field or GY not in the deck; this will not work.
<< Anonymous(NANIIIII)
Bahaa Reply
Gemini what?
YTDan fan
How good is this card? luckily enough, I got two copies of this one while building X sabers. Do you guys think it would be competitive in the future like ties of the brethen, etc?
<< Anonymous(YTDan fan)
yuya Reply
3 copies of unexpected dai (aka the terminator card? xd). Seems a bit odd to me, dunno if it's worth getting, the only person I've seen playing 3 UDs is gunsblazing. But that guy loves to go against the rules, so u never know if it's going to work or not lol
<< Anonymous(yuya)
Anonymous Reply
If you're running Unexpected Dai, you should be running 3 of it. It's the kind of card that's most useful very early on, so you want to see it as soon as possible.
Good with Genex Controller.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with any normal tuner
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with any normal tuner
This is a good card even in the TCG. Getting a SS from the Deck can really matter in the early game.
<< Anonymous
Midori san Reply
some guys don't really play UD in their X-sabers build. Is there any deck beside sabers in which this spell would be any good? cause I have 3 :/
Oof I have one copy of this card but Stardust Dragon is still in the box so I can't reset. I wish I had 2.
<< Anonymous
DrillDude Reply
Personally, I would reset if I were you.
Especially if you are aiming for 3 U-Dai. 1-2 Stardust should be more than enough in most cases.
Anyone kno any substitutes or replacements I can use until i get this card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It depends on the deck and your strategy. If you only want to swarm the field, you can just use some monsters that you can special summon from your hand. You should at least name the archetype of the deck you're planning to use.
I've got 3 copies of this card by fluke early box pulls and it looks really good but no idea what I can build with the current cards.
<< Anonymous
Chory Reply
So...i saw someone using it kinda like emergency teleport in a x saber but he didnt have more than 1. My guess is dai into galaxy serpent and normal summon a lv4 x saber+synchro into hyunlei.
Mr. Armstrong
I have a GREAT Idea! What if i play Celestial Transformation to summon a koitsu, give it to the oponent with Shien's Spy. And then Unexpected dai to special summon a a 2000 atk normal monster and then normal summon iron chain snake?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Armstrong)
Mr. Armstrong Reply
opponent* typo

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