8th Mini Box: Blades of Spirits

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update 01/01/2018

Table of contents

Available card boxes
The Ultimate RisingAge of DiscoveryNeo-ImpactFlame of the TyrantValkyries Rage
Wonders of the SkyChaotic ComplianceLand of the TitansCrimson KingdomDawn of Destiny
Electric OverloadEchoes of SilenceServants of KingsGalactic Origin
Blades of Spirit Primal BurstSelection Box Vol. 01Resonance of ContrastAbyss Encounter
Rampage of the ForestValiant SoulsVisions of IceSelection Box Vol. 01 MiniCrusaders Battleground
Clash of WingsBurning NovaEmpire of Scarlet--


Rating (Versatility)
Strengthened decks
  • Warriors
  • Elemental Heroes
  • Flame


Six Samurai

Harpie Dancer

Card list

UR cards

SR cards

R cards

N cards


Hot New Top
I just one powerful rebirth
I managed to get the two UR cards of the box but I have yet to get the 2 SR cards I need
I'm in love with pizzas.
Nerf this crap, how it can beat legendary cards, never heard about samurai beat legendary creatures.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
omae wa mou shindeiru!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All those packs are like SpongeBob's season. 3 or 4 first season are awesome, great, good but 5 and higher are lame but chaotic compliance and servant of kings are good for me
It's the middle of the month, a new box should be released soon.
I bought 30 packs only for Hazy deck and still no 3 copies of Peryton, but I got both UR, Harpie Dancer and prismatic Twister. But when I need UR from other packs, I must buy over 60-150 packs , depending on box size, wtf??
<< Anonymous
Your Name(option) Reply
It just mini-box. I had to open 135 pack for my 1st flame tiger on gen next on my second opening. At that time I already got 2 floodgate, 2 ananta, 2 kots, 4 caninetaur and lot of other things. Sometime, the game just don't want to give you what you want.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I wanted second Powerful Rebirth from this pack and guess what, it was in the last pack....
Im need update pothon dragon pack ! Please ,,,
<< Anonymous(Haris )
Anonymous Reply
When Destiny Hero Dreadmaster coming ?
With Alius, Neos and Gilford Gemini, you can do great things... Building a Gemini - Neos deck is something to consider. Potential Tier 2 deck, especially with the new cards from the Card Trader...
With Harpie Lady in this mini box, I'm hopeful we'll get support for Gravekeeper or Amazoness next time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Couldn't agree more!

new cyber angels video
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
fuck u

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Mahavaillo otk Skill : Last gamble Deck: 3x Maha vaillo 3x mage power 2x hey trunade 3x Tw...
GameA rate : A- my rate : A+++
i actived jar of greed!! this card allowed me to draw 1 card to refresh my hand.
Felgrand + This card = Instant Raigeki.
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