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update 16/05/2020

Darkflare Dragon

Darkflare Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Ignition Effect
SupportsDragon / LIGHT / DARK
Related to ArchetypesChaos


You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard. Once per turn: You can send 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand and 1 Dragon-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, then target 1 card in either Graveyard; banish that target.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstMokuba Kaiba Lv30 or higher [UR]
Card trader--
OtherRanked Rewards [UR]




  • Decent attack.
  • Special summon condition is not difficult, and not restricted to a certain monster type.
  • Not restricted to special summon only, so it can be tribute summoned normally using 1 monster.
  • Can banish a card from either player's graveyard, to either prevent your opponent's plays or special summon banished monsters.


  • Very low defense.
  • Special summon requires the 2 Light and Dark monsters to be in the graveyard.
  • Banishing a card in the graveyard requires 2 card discard, and they both need to be Dragon-type monsters.

Tips, related cards, skills

Red-Eyes Spirit

Using Darkflare Dragon's second effect, you can discard a Red-Eyes monster from your hand or deck to the graveyard. This will make special summoning them through Red-Eyes Spirit much easier.

Kidmodo Dragon

As long as this card gets sent to the graveyard, whether it's from your hand, field, or deck, you can special summon a Dragon-type monster from your hand.

Divine Dragon Apocralyph

You can discard a LIGHT or DARK Dragon-Type monster from your hand by using Divine Dragon Apocralyph's effect. By doing this, you will achieve faster the special summon requirement of Darkflare Dragon.

Return from the graveyard

Darkflare's effect to send a monster from your deck to the graveyard can be treated as a search card if you are using cards that can bring them to the field, or to your hand.

  • The Shallow Grave - Can only be used if you, and your opponent, has at least 1 monster in their graveyards (and an empty monster zone), but you won't be able to flip summon your monster the turn you use this.
  • Monster Reincarnation - You can use Darkflare's effect to send another Darkflare from your deck, then use Monster Reincarnation to get it to your hand so you can special summon it, but only if you have the required monsters in the graveyard.
  • Soul Resurrection - Easiest way to special summon a monster from the graveyard, but this only works for normal monsters, and will be destroyed if this card is destroyed.

Special summon banished monster(s)

You can use Darkflare's effect to banish a card from your opponent's graveyard to stop certain plays, or banish monsters so you can special summon them if you use certain cards.

  • Escape from the Dark Dimension - Only for a Dark monster that you banish from your graveyard, but it's an equip card, which can make your monster vulnerable if this equip card is destroyed.
  • Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri - This requires a tribute of a Light monster, and can be negated, but can special summon your opponent's banished monster.

Last Gamble

Last Gamble would be useful in a deck that aims to summon this monster. When using the skill, discard LIGHT and/or DARK monster(s). Then, after summoning Darkflare Dragon, try to go for an OTK.



ActionsSends from hand to Graveyard for cost / Sends from your Deck to your Graveyard for cost
Banished categoriesBanishes from Graveyard for cost / Banishes from your Graveyard / Banishes from your opponent's Graveyard
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand


Hot New Top
Here's the deck I've made so far still a work in progress.
<< Anonymous(Sidibe)
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Anonymous Reply
May i ask why this deck needs a field spell card? Thanks!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Storm cannon fodder
<< Anonymous
Otong Reply
Yup, it's for storm fodder on last turn. You can use any field spell and set it on the field
credit to gunsblazing
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Anonymous Reply
You're right.
But you're also an asshole.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hazy flame owns this deck, big bang shot, riryoku do nothing, 2400 do nothing against beast rising
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hahaha so true
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Guys omg I got a darkflare dragon with only 4000 points with my own super secret farm deck I want to show everyone but I'm to poor and stupid to upload a pic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at all Reply
Look at you noobs I have 15 copy's of this card all of you suck and are below me
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at all)
Anonymous Reply
Don't you hack....
This is a darkflare dragon deck :/
<< Anonymous(Llogy )
Razaelriezen Reply
I agree skelengel for draw or bls summon or even flare fuel.
I'd keep the synthesis ritual. But take the other out maybe DNA check up or jar of greed. I find shard too slow
I agree on deokichi as it's draw power and moderate attack power if it lives. Aura priest and deokichi is better for bls and doesn't waste dark flare giving you another special summon
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Llogy Reply
Well then if u feel like the deck is 🔥 then fight me and i will use it mu name is Llogy on duel links and i am ready when u are
<< Anonymous(Llogy )
Razaelriezen Reply
I didn't say it was bad.
I just saw one area it needs help and that's draw power.
If you want I can duel you with one of my dark flare decks.
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Llogy Reply
Kool well i am always up for a challenge
Your Name(Option)
my new deck
<< Anonymous
Your Name(Option) Reply
idk if u mentioned before tbh, but i was thinking the same since its a special summon monster
<< Anonymous
Your Name(Option) Reply
i think 3 econ is better cause i can storm on it. u should try man, its phun xD
<< Anonymous(Your Name(Option) )
Anonymous Reply
u should use dekoichi instead dark mimic
<< Anonymous(Your Name(Option) )
Anonymous Reply
I don't have Last Gamble yet (been farming for about a month now), what skill would you recommend
imo should be SR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
UR is better cos you can sell it for higher amount of gold than SR. Its not like there's any difference of drop rate between SR and UR
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol nope. SR percentage is triple than UR one, so this card will be better if SR
<< Anonymous
DaSwifta Reply
Well, the reason the drop rate is tripled for SR Cards is because each Legendary duelist has more SR rewards than UR. Correct me if I'm wrong.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't notice any difference in drop rate. For all LDs with an UR and multiple SR's, I have on average about as many of their UR as I have of their SR's times the amount of SR's they can drop.
everybody is 🔥 here especialy you hiding behind your phone like a cockroach XD with your youtubers meme pfff
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dudes, you're all using an antiquated term. Ever since the DSM got updated to the 5th version, "mental 🔥ation" no longer exists. It is now called an intellectual disability.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mental 🔥ation at its finest
looks cool but useless because of 3SD. thanks for the UR Convert though.
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
Edgar81539 Reply
You're so stupid. The point of the card is not dropping it with Demotion, the point of it is triggering the effect of Dark and Light monsters like Eclipse Wyvern. However, go ahead, convert it and feel like an idiot once Disaster Dragon is meta
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
What are you talking about? Eclipse Wyvern isn't in this game and may never be. Don't go calling someone an idiot over cards that don't even exist.
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
Anonymous Reply
Ladies don't fight please
I have a prismatic darkflare. What to do?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Make Last gamble Darkflare. Just check gunsblazing channel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
convery it for UR jewel and 5k gold:)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Feelin' lucky!
<< Anonymous(Haeon)
Anonymous Reply
Wtf! Took me like 10 attempts to get my first one :'D
<< Anonymous(Haeon)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Haeon)
Anonymous Reply
NO 🔥ing way...
You already get one after defeating Mokuba 15 times or some 🔥. Now you get 2 🔥ers for a total of 3 now??? Holy sht !!
Randomly curious
Can anyone share their kaiba farm lv40 deck.. I have beaten him many times still no CV or Econ thank you
<< Anonymous(Randomly curious )
Vlademora Reply
Have you tried this one?
<< Anonymous(Randomly curious )
Walter Reply
I simply use Relinquished deck.
I don't reach high score but I win everytime. Find 2 econ and 2 CV
Daemon Blitzkrieg
I used to love this card, but ultimately dropped in my mostly RE focused decks for Lightpulsar, who really should be in the game by now since its twin is. That actually includes Eclipse Wyvern and those other two Chaos Wyverns. Hopefully when Super Kaiba comeths? Next big Dragon set w/ the (RE) Darkness and Flare Dragons? Definitely gonna want Lightpulsar if those cards get out. Though, if they really want Joey to be the Warrior user, the Slash cards will probably hit 1st. *shrugs*
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Y.amaha Reply
I noticed from your earlier replies that you act like a complete tool towards others, always trying to slam those who do not agree, I had to say this off-topic, but maybe that's really you
<< Anonymous(Y.amaha)
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
Um....ok? No idea what you are on about, but if you REALLY want to talk about something, be specific and maybe I would come off as "a complete tool" to...whoever? Idk, w/e.

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