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update 07/09/2016

Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster

Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect / Trigger Effect / Ignition Effect


This card's name becomes "Buster Blader" while it is on the field or in the Graveyard. If a monster(s) your opponent controls is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 of those destroyed monsters; equip it to this card. Once per turn: You can send 1 Monster Card you control that is equipped to this card to the Graveyard; destroy all monsters your opponent controls with the same Type as that monster sent to the Graveyard.

How to get / rarity

PackCrimson Kingdom [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Decent attack and defense.
  • Can use Buster Blader support cards.
  • Effect can destroy multiple monsters if you equip the right one.
  • Can equip multiple monsters.


  • Requires 2 tributes to summon.
  • Only treated as "Buster Blader" when it's on the field or graveyard. This means that it can only fuse to Dragon Destroyer Swordsman, or Dark Paladin when it's on the field.
  • Emblem of Dragon Destroyer can only be used when the Destruction Swordmaster is in the graveyard.
  • Equipping monsters can clog your the small and limited spell/trap zones.

Tips, related cards, skills

Eliminating the League

Monster destroying cards like Eliminating the League can be used during your main phase. This lets you activate Swordmaster's ability right away, potentially destroying multiple monsters if they are the same type.

Miracle Restoring

This will let you special summon a Buster Blader monster from the graveyard, without needing to use 2 tribute to get him to the field.

Wizard Buster Destruction Sword

When equipped to a Buster Blader monster, cards like Blue Dragon Summoner or Yomi Ship's effect will be negated.





ActionsSends from field to Graveyard
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards
Stat changesTreated as alternate name

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With buster blader back in the meta, this card need some love too :(
buster blader decks in the tcg are so much fun! i've been writing about supporting this card to konami in almost every chance i got. I suggested Dark Magic Curtain (for DM) and they delivered so who knows? maybe someday we'll finally get to see this awesome archetype's full potential on duel links!
This card need more support
with 48 packs left the remaining cards are 2 UR (vampire lord and dark paladin) and 2 SR (dark general freed and buster blader swordmaster)
should i reset or wait till i get vampire and paladin (are they worth it)
this is my first box so i don't have any copy of vampire lord or dark paladin
thanks for reading and hopefully answering
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you're 48 packs left, just wait and get the URs you want rather than reset, mathematically the odds are against you if you reset now and hope to pull vampire or dark paladin
<< Anonymous
Baldorias Reply
Dark Paladin quite great bro...
As long as you have cards in your hand,you will render opponent's spell useless....
Is it just me or does the last effect not work half the time? Just lost a duel because even though I equipped a water monster I destroyed the previous turn and the opponent had a water monster on the field, it didn't let me activate the effect to send the equip to the graveyard which i needed to do so I could wipe then replace that with my 3rd A forces card..
<< Anonymous(Billbob)
Anon Reply
Type (Dragon, Spellcaster, Warrior ...) not Attribute (DARK, WATER, WIND, ...)
Lmao. This card is only 6.0 rating
I think, Konami add some 1750-1800 R-SR card and add a limit. if, they fukin OP cards, ugh thats get a limit. OP card hmmm EXODIA??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Can you fuse dark magician and buster blader the destruction swordmaster to get dark paladin?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, if buster blader the destruction swordmaster on the field.
Will you be able to fusion summon by hand Dark Paladin, or does this card have to be on the field?
<< Anonymous(adam)
Anonymous Reply
yes if this monster alrdy on the field
This card with 3sd will break the game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No way this gets in the pack, ill eat my sock if it does
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
here, have some seasonings
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You now must eat it lol added 19 min ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pictures or it never happened
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Eat your socks boii, upload it on youtube lol

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