Yami Bakura

This page notes how to unlock Yami Bakura, his skills, level-up rewards, starter deck, and cards you can get by winning a duel against him.
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update 21/06/2019

Updated Information


Dark Necrofear

You will automatically be able to get your hands on a copy of Dark Necrofear. It is a very strong card with a strong ability that can change the flow of a game. The only drawback is that it should be used in a fiend deck to special summon it as early as possible.

Yami Bakura Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock MissionsBlack Key x50
Play as Yami Yugi and win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Bakura at level 20 in Duel World.Gold x8000
Achieve 2 win(s) without using any Spell/Trap Cards in Duels against Yami Yugi.Gold x8000
Inflict 3000 or more points of effect damage in Duels against Yami Bakura.SR Jewel x3
Achieve 1 win(s) with 2000 or less LP left in Duels Yami Bakura.Gold x8,000
Use Level 3 or lower Monster Cards 3 times(s) in one Duel using Yami Yugi.Gold x8000

Yami Bakura Previous Unlock Event

Yami Bakura has 2 separate events. The first is the unlock event, where he appears in the gate as well as the duel world. The other event is duel world appearance only, where he had slightly different rewards than the first event. It is unclear whether he will have all cards as rewards for his next appearance or not.


Note: More skills are expected! Report Skill name and details by submitting comments or screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Leaked skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Dark Camo
Activates when the combined total of monsters sent to the Gravards of both players reaches 10. Opponent becomes unable to see your Life Points or their own untile the end of the Duel.

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Can be used each time your Life Points decreases by 1000. Send the card on the top of your Deck to the Graveyard, and recover 300 LP.
Lvl 4
Draw Sense: DARK
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random DARK-Attribute monster.
Lvl 13
Tether of Defeat
Can be used when one of the opponent's monster is destroyed in battle. The Top card from either your or the opponents deck is sent to the graveyard.
Lvl 20
Destiny Board
Can be used if "Dark Necrofear" is in your Graveyard, and your LP are at 2000 or below. At the end of your 5th turn after activating this skill, you win the Duel. This skill is negated if "Dark Necrofear" leaves your Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Fiend Farewell
Can be used when one of your monsters is destroyed by battle. 1 random Fiend-Type monster from your Deck is sent to the graveyard.
Zorc Appears!
Roll a six-sided die. If the result is less than the current turn count, play 1 "Dark Master - Zorc" from your hand. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Event Reward

Common skills

Level-up rewards

What is level rewards?

Level reward is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots.

Yami Bakura level rewards list

2Gem x10
3Electric LizardElectric Lizard
4Skill: Compensation
5Deck Slot (Yami Bakura)
6Gem x15
7Winged MinionWinged Minion
8Deck Slot (Yami Bakura)
9Gem x25
11Call of the EarthboundCall of the Earthbound
12Gem x35
13Skill: Draw Sense: DARK
15Gem x50
16The Earl of DemiseThe Earl of Demise
17Gem x60
18Winged MinionWinged Minion
19Gem x75
20Skill: Tether of Defeat
21Headless KnightHeadless Knight
22Gem x100
23Puppet MasterPuppet Master
24Gem x120
25White Magical HatWhite Magical Hat
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Yami Bakura)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Gem x300
31Gold x10,0000
32Gem x200
33Headless KnightHeadless Knight
34Gem x250
35Goblin ZombieGoblin Zombie
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
38Goblin ZombieGoblin Zombie
39Gem x250
40Dark Ruler Ha DesDark Ruler Ha Des
41Deck Slot (Yami Marik)
42gems x100
43gems x200
44gems x250
45Dark Ruler Ha DesDark Ruler Ha Des

Duel reward cards

Yami Bakura (Gate)

Yami Bakura roaming event

Card / [Rarity]Bakura's
Dark VoltanisDark Voltanis [SR]30 or more
(Duel World)
Trance ArchfiendTrance Archfiend [SR]30 or more
(Duel World)
Tour Bus To Forbidden RealmsTour Bus To Forbidden Realms [SR]30 or more
(Duel World)
White Magical HatWhite Magical Hat [SR]30 or more
The Gross Ghost of Fled DreamsThe Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams [SR]30 or more
Puppet MasterPuppet Master [SR]30 or more
Dark Spirit of the SilentDark Spirit of the Silent [SR]30 or more
Peeking GoblinPeeking Goblin [SR]30 or more
Beast of TalwarBeast of Talwar [R]All levels
(Duel World)
Tour Bus From the UnderworldTour Bus From the Underworld [R]All levels
(Duel World)
Dark MambeleDark Mambele [R]All levels
(Duel World)
Electric LizardElectric Lizard [R]All levels
Man-Eating Treasure ChestMan-Eating Treasure Chest [R]All levels
The Earl of DemiseThe Earl of Demise [R]All levels
GerniaGernia [R]All levels
Call of the EarthboundCall of the Earthbound [R]All levels

Yami Bakura's starter deck

Dark NecrofearDark ChimeraLady of FaithLady of FaithLady of FaithSolitude
SolitudeSolitudeGraveyard and the Hand of InvitationGraveyard and the Hand of InvitationGraveyard and the Hand of InvitationSouls of the Forgotten
Souls of the ForgottenSouls of the ForgottenMeda BatMeda BatMeda BatFiend's Hand
Fiend's HandFiend's Hand----


Description in the game

When Yugi's classmate Bakura was possessed by the evil spirit inside the Millennium Ring, he transformed into Yami Bakura. He is merciless and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Yami Bakura's Occult Deck focuses on Fiend and Zombie-type cards.


Hot New Top
Can someone send me a deck so i can grind for desiny board
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Btw can ot be a deck that doesnt have as many sr and ur because i dont have two jerry beans or a single dunames
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Say again?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its because some one sent me a deck with two jerry beans man and dunames but i dont have either of them just one jerry
<< Anonymous
angga Reply
on what lv bakura you got destiny board?
Hey can someone help me? One of the challenges is to hit him with a 3000 punch but I can’t do it, could you tell me how please
<< Anonymous
Budget guide Reply
E-Hero Flame wingman FTW!
<< Anonymous(Chris)
Anonymous Reply
I used Odion with his trap damage skill and skull invitation and just killed his defense monsters
<< Anonymous
ReportingNoobs Reply

<< Anonymous
Louie911 Reply
Dude, when you try to get Bakura by doing the quest where you have to attack Bakura with 3000 damage, it specifically says attack him with effect/ability damage, not just damage
What Happens When The All The 'FINAL' Letters Appear?? I Always Try to end the game before it happens..
<< Anonymous(Balti)
Iku Iku Reply
you will loose the game instantly
<< Anonymous(Balti)
Iku Iku Reply
you will loose the game instantly
<< Anonymous(Balti)
Iku Iku Reply
you will loose the game instantly
<< Anonymous(Balti)
Anonymous Reply
If you make the final letters appear u win the game,if the opponent makes the final letters appear u lose the game
im having trouble unlocking bakura in the duel world one of the conditions its to use level 3 or lower type monsters 3 times in one duel vs bakura and ive beaten him 3 times using only level 3 and 2 monsters but it still says i need to complete it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Effects monster try using ghost trick skeleton flip 3 three time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used effects of 3 level 3-2 monsters at 1 duel still didnt work for me...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dudeyou need to use 3 level 3 or lower monsters on de SAME DUEL
Try Gladiator Beast
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
used BOWGANIAN, let its effect activate 3 times in 3 duals and it worked (you will want to do this with level 10 Yami Bakura and increase BAWGANIAN's attack with some equip cards.
required cards:

2X Sword of deep-seated
1X Lucky Iron Axe
one of his unlock missions is to "use level 3 or lower monster cards 3 times in a duel against him" i have already summoned 3 different level 3 monsters in a few duels but still failed. what is it supposed to mean?
<< Anonymous(RopeSander)
TomSNC Reply
For me, I used 3, 3 star EFFECT monsters and had their effects activated and it worked. I had used 3, 3 star normal monsters and nothing happened. I literally had no monsters in my deck besides 2/3 star effect monsters and spell/trap cards. Once I won the duel, Yami Bakura was finally unlocked.
<< Anonymous(TomSNC)
Dw Reply
I’m having the same issue, tried it using Komodo Dragon, The White Stone of Legend and The White Stone Of Ancients but have had no luck...
<< Anonymous(eru)
Glory Reply
Only use monsters when duel. Dont use any spell/trap card. Just monsters
<< Anonymous(eru)
zaiy Reply
*bug* you need yami yugi level 3 moneter fight bakura
Yung David
Once you unlock him, will he be forever at the gate?
<< Anonymous
Yung David Reply
sorry that im no fat virgin and dont know everything about this game
<< Anonymous(Yung David)
Anonymous Reply
Yes. He is permanently at the gate.
<< Anonymous(Yung David)
Anonymous Reply
you dont need to be a fat virgin to know that just have common sense.
<< Anonymous(Yung David)
Anonymous Reply
Though, you probably are one anyway.
does anyone know whether Kaibaman deck is still viable to climb up to KOG? I spent 5 UR tickets getting 3 Kaibaman and 2 BEWD so I want to know if i wasted my tickets or not
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kaibaman deck cant win other than gold or below.if u want KOG u need to open a lot of boxes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol thanks, I've opened a bunch of Primal Burst I'm going to try making dark world
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've been playing this game for a year and haven't gone beyond Bronze 4.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Get some decent cards bruh, start with free to play or minimal gems (Aromage, Sylvans (🔥) e.t.c) but above gold 5 everybody and their mothers plays Sylvans, Amazoness and Noble Knights
i started playing after this event but have been playing for over 2 months now...any chance I get a shot at unlocking Bakura in the future?
<< Anonymous
Yugi Reply
<< Anonymous
no its not, it already happened at the beginning of this month. get it right fool
<< Anonymous(WRONG)
OOOPS! Reply
that was the mini event and not the destiny board event.

please don't let that be the new LD
<< Anonymous(OOOPS!)
Anonymous Reply
destiny board just started today
All of Yami Bakura's skills have potential to be a very very good deck with dark necrofear, doomsday horror, veil of darkness, skull lair, chaos zone and of course, a lot of fiend monsters.. 3 kuriboh will be the combo more faster.. you have a lot of annoying combos.. dark necrofear banish 3 fiend monsters, it will be great to doomsday horror.. the veil of darkness will send a lot of fiend monsters to the graveyard.. the skull lair will destroy a lot of your opponent monsters, and in the same play, it will banish a lot of monsters.. giving chaos zone counters and more power to doomsday horror... if you banish dark necrofear, you can summon with chaos zone with some counters.. and you know what? if doomsday horror, for a reason, is destroyed, all the banished monsters GO BACK TO THE GRAVEYARD.. you know what it means? repeat the same combo with skull liar and the chaos zone hahahahahaha.. i'm testing this, it works VERY well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Here is a picture bro.. I'm testing this.. Any suggestions for improve it will be accepted.. It works well.. Of course in some cases it fail but, as i said, i'm testing this in pvp.. It's really a new way to play and it's very funny!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh sorry i post a picture from bakura lvl40 hahahahahahahaahaha... a mistake.. here is the picture from the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What is the point of fiend farewell it sound so God damn stupid nd u only hav 1 dark necrofear so it's just 🔥ing useless i wish they would bring Pegasus event back I didn't play back then nd I want his playmat the most
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
only are ONE dark necrofear little boy.........
I click on Marik but I'm at Bakura's page. I click Marik on the main site.
<< Anonymous(Andlu)
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
which page are you referring to?
<< Anonymous(Kuriboh)
Marik Ishtar Reply
<< Anonymous(Marik Ishtar)
Yami Bakura Reply
<< Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
Anonymous Reply
A waste of time trying to get that destiny board skill. I farmed 2 days long on all LD all lvls, over 4000 keys used and i still didnt get that skill, i think the drop rate is like 0.01% or lower
<< Anonymous(TonyBmth)
geoff Reply
I remember when i first started farming for skills in sep sometimes it takes a bit dude rng is a 🔥 sometimes it took Joey damn near a month to drop last Gamble for me that was the first skill I farmed for now i have every skill for original yugioh series character except marik and odion
<< Anonymous(TonyBmth)
Anonymous Reply
Only 4k keys you already complaint. Too week.
<< Anonymous(TonyBmth)
Anonymous Reply
I got that skill from lvl. 20 street LD, and with only 5k assesments.
<< Anonymous(TonyBmth)
JU5T1C3 Reply
Good idea to use LD events for skill farming, I got destiny board, duel standby, and other common skills from Bonz
Please add bakura already....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They can't add him idiot
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
whos the idiot now idiot
<< Anonymous
FreaqqShow Reply
Still it's not gamea who can change things in the game. It's Konami
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They actually are adding him

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