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update 05/04/2017


TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Condition


Target 2 face-up monsters on the field; halve the ATK of 1 monster, and if you do, add that lost ATK to the other monster. These effects last until the End Phase.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [UR]
[Required trader items]
  • UR Jewel x3
  • Stone of Spell x30
  • 100,000 Gold


Rating9.5 /10

Riryoku is a very powerful card and ranks highly in terms of card efficiency due to its ability to both decrease your opponent’s monster ATK and add it to your own. Unlike equip cards, Riryoku could only be negated by spell jammer or counter traps which could negate spell effects. Could be included in most decks that otherwise do not use effect damage to win.


  • Very useful to defeat any high level attack monster.
  • Damage dealt is similar to direct damage, since it is the base attack of the attacking monster.
  • Very flexible card.


Only useful for 1 turn.


This cards effect only lasts for a turn, so use it wisely. It's usually best to use it on targets that have higher ATK than anything you have on the board or in your hand.

Riryoku works well in any beatdown deck and is necessary to decks to get high score with Over 5,000 (9,999) Damage duel assessment.
→ How to get high score

Mythical Beast Cerberus

Piranha Army



Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK / Your monsters lose ATK / Your opponent's monsters gain ATK / Your opponent's monsters lose ATK

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Hot New Top
Not sure why this card is rated as a 9.5. You should only ever run this card in farming decks to increase Cerberus's attack, and never in PVP. Cards like Metalmorph or even other continuous spells such as Gravity Axe are more useful since they are permanent buffs and can't be negated as easily as Riryoku. Nearly every deck has Windstorm of Etaqua, and 1 or more copies of both Enemy Controller and Sphere Kuriboh, which basically just makes Riryoku a wasted card
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Anonymous Reply
This card was great but after kc cup it became crap. Great for farming. No good PvP pmdeck will have it. To many common counters and doesn't stay on your character.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It should be rated like grave keeper vassal. 10/10 for farming and 3/10 for PvP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All the people saying this card sucks are conceited, elitist assholes.
It's good for farming AND for PvE. And the fact that it's not your precious enemy controllers doesn't mean you're not an asshole for saying it deserves a 3/10.
A card can be very good, and still not be a staple.
Fuck off with your pretentiousness.
<< Anonymous
Nai-naich Reply
and what will you propose as the Pvp rating of the card? you don't get it, riryoku is frowned upon not because its a subpar ATK-enhancing card that is easily counter-able, but because it's not a quick-play spell. IN SHORT, IT IS NOT FLEXIBLE. oftentimes, board control is important as early as your opponent's turn, and riryoku's pacing is just SLOW and LINEAR.
right now there is riryoku in trader pool card, should i get it ? I already have 1 copy. should I get the second??
<< Anonymous(helpmepls)
obvious scammer Reply
you should get 10 copy of it trust me
<< Anonymous(helpmepls)
Anonymous Reply
It's up to you. The card itself is good, it can help you go over opponent's attack disregard of their WoD/ mirror wall. But I only keep 1 because I have other cards that does the same
<< Anonymous(obvious scammer )
Kaiba boi Reply
That's nothing special. I have 36 copies of that card.
<< Anonymous(Kaiba boi)
konami Reply
so many wipe butt with card!!!
aLmost of aLL decks reccomended/suggested needs this card ..
riryoku cost 3ur jewel, 30spell stone, 100k goLd which not easy to obtain.
riryoku everywhere
<< Anonymous(xruxi)
@pintouiter Reply
Wondering if a should buy a second
<< Anonymous(xruxi)
to pintouiter Reply
no you dont need 2 copy, cause in future gameplay it will be forbidden/limited cards
<< Anonymous(xruxi)
Anonymous Reply
Your mon will forbid you to play instead
<< Anonymous(xruxi)
Anonymous Reply
Past 3 days have not seen this card at trader. Does he still trade it?
<< Anonymous(Whoever )
Anonymous Reply
I just got it yesterday
<< Anonymous(Whoever )
Whoever Reply
Man ive checked evrytime his trading list renews never there
<< Anonymous(Whoever )
Anonymous Reply
Are you kidding? It was like there for almost 3 previous consecutive days..
Is it worth getting a second copy? for both auto duel and pvp
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think one copy is enough for standard battles. Two will garner better results if you want higher score assessment.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
don't auto, AI is dumb it can't fully maximize the utility of cards like windstorm of etaqua, riryoku, balloons, etc
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You should have 2 copies of this card.
My trader only had it 1 time, but at that time i didnt had the ur jewels. Is it this rare in the store?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I noticed last week every deck requires this card. I haven't seen it with the Card Trader since this discovery -_-
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you have to reach a certain stage 17, after that you just have to keep checking every 12 hours until it shows up. I still haven't seen gravekeeper's oracle since it's release too, some cards just don't want to show up i guess. it's too random sometimes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gravekeeper's Oracle was just made available 2 days ago. Either 1) I don't know up to this point that the cards available from the card trader VARIES from player to player, or 2) you just started playing a day ago.
What's better this or Metamorph?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metalmorph can make surprising plays since you can activate it during opponent's battle phase, however Riryoku's ability to target virtually anything that has ATK stat (you can also target both TWO of your OWN monsters on the field) is VERY HARD TO PASS UP. Metalmorph works better if your opponent has a slight advantage in momentum, but if you think you are stronger and want a surefire win using
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(cont)...beatdown strategies, the RIRYOKU WILL NEVER FAIL YOU. :) Just be careful if you anticipated that your opponent has a lot of Magic Jammers in his/her deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thanks for the response. Ic what you mean. They both have a similar effect but one is a trap card and work like a equip card, it can be activated during your opponent turn so it can work like reinforcement and mirror wall, the other is a spell card and it last for one turn only. Imo Metamorph is more versatile and can be use in many situation.
The sacrifices i made for this card.... 3 of my ultra rares... and 30 spell cards... it was painful, but it was worth it?

my biggest loss was a dark magician, but it was expendable because I had a second.
<< Anonymous
Koola Reply
<< Anonymous
Invidia Reply
@Koola, and I'm like, That's his account no? Then why are you mad? He's free to do whatever he wants
<< Anonymous
Koola Reply
YOu stfu, if he's free to do whatever he wants, then he shouldn't be expressing his disappointments in here either, both of you should just STFU since it was your decision not to be wise when saving UR tokens.
Why Im not able to target a fusion monster like meteor b dragon with Riryoku? It doesn't make sense...
<< Anonymous
Matthew Reply
Same for me. No obvious effects in play that should have prevented this. No way he's not classed as a 'monster' card...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe he had a Lord of Dragons on his/her side to the field
I'm getting my second one es!
<< Anonymous
LoveLoveLove Reply
OMG. My game ramped up so much with just one addition of this card! Having ONE RIRYOKU in deck vs TWO RIRYOKUS made so much difference! Power, flexibility and versatility, Riryoku screams these all! Konami are you sure this is not a broken OP card?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Konami: yes im sure.(walks out the room)


We are gathered here today to mourn the death of konami who died laughing after they told the biggest lie of all time. May he rest in peace.
I'm on the verge of buying another. Should I?
<< Anonymous(SeanH712)
Anonymous Reply
Well I would like it if you didn't but this card is way to powerful to not get one.
still appears at trader?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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