Monstermorph: Evolution (Skill)

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update 25/02/2020

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Skill Details

Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. Once per turn, send 1 Monster on your side of the field (except a Token) to summon 1 random Monster (that can be Normal Summoned) from your deck whose attribute and type are same to and level is 1 higher than the tributed monster.

CharacterHow to Get
Mokuba KaibaLvl 4

How to Get

Mokuba skills list


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After this was used on me a few times using Gandora, I have tried to use in Red Eyes deck and OMG, I can't believe how many times I begin with Gandora at hand and I only put 1 in deck. If only this happened with my other decks where I have Limited and Semi-Limited cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, you need something to recycle Gandora back into the deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gandora cannot be special summoned sir.

Is this considered a Normal summon ?
In the description it only says that the monster must be "normal summon" able.

In the game the description says "play 1 monster" instead of "summon 1 monster"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try Marmiting Captain.

It is a one time card trader. Bonus, if the card you draw is a monster special summon it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So, if this works for Gandora, it means that it also works for Mobius the Frost monarch.

you can use this with yubel to bring out terror incarnate
Ban this 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd call it "Skill Summon" but we don't have an official term for that kind of summoning. I guess that's why most skills use the wording "place" instead of "summon".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I wonder if monster effects that requires special/normal/tribute summon will activate using this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, there are only 3 types of Summoning with different sub-types:
Normal (including Tribute Summon)
Special (including basically anything else)

But this skill is none of those 3 types. It's really strange.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And there I thought this would work for effects like "Dwarf Star Dragon Planeter".
This skill is basically transmodify...
Can you use it with a ritual monster?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, ritual need to be special summoned.
Gandora's drawback doesn't specify a summoning method and the skill clearly uses 'summon', don't understand why it's still in the game..
<< Anonymous(TFKONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
The skill doesn't technically summon, which I why u can bring out cards ignoring their summoning requirements
some guy easily destroyed me by using a red eyes deck to summon this card... I can't believe it's that strong!
this is kind of broken with psychic monsters like destructotron. too easy otk's

Fun deck using Monstermorph Evolution!
<< Anonymous
Pizza Dog Reply
Hey! Don't say that!
I only looked these comments to see what kind of decks you can make with this skill, and this was the only comment that actually helped me!
Do you seriously think that a youtuber with 29 subscribers is advertising to get money?
What do you even think you'll get out of bullying someone with such a small youtube channel?
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog)
Pizza Dog Fan Reply
I now have 44 subs after a year growing my youtube channel. I don't get any money from it. Because I need 1000 sub ever since the new Youtube policy.

Anyway here is another video.

Fun deck Fairy otk. Using Mokuba skill.
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog Fan)
Anonymous Reply
No one cares
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog Fan)
Rated R Reply
Just because the dude above said no one cares. Now I actually care lol
Zolga monstermorph airknight
gain 2k LP special summon Neo-Parshath
The Sanctuary in the Sky in field GG
special summon dark flare dragon
drop one dragon type from hand, drop kodomo dragon from deck (vice versa) to banish one target
special summon one high dragon beater from hand using kodomo effect
if there's spell card in oppo graveyard monstermorph to White-Horned Dragon banish them to gain more attack

Bruv, one question. Why is everyone using this on dragons? It works on others too.
Combo with marmiting captain.
Like get a good card out with it then use the skill on get rid of captain or something that can't attack that turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If u notice all he level up is dragon .I only use skill heavy started but u right bro it also can work with other deck too sorry bad English

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